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c.worthwhile 后接不定式或动名词都可以 不选b是因为应该是it's worthwhile to go 不选d是因为不能直接接sb. 可以用 it's worthwhile for you to go

How was the beach?

 australia  has many beautiful beaches

Some people go to extremes to lose that extra weight before going to the beach.New diets, treatments and exercise programs arrive on the market every day. Each one promises to help people lose weight and get a beach beautiful b...

参考示例:1、一般疑问句:Was the beach beautiful?2、特殊疑问句:How was the beach?


顺手采纳答案 nice seafood , beautiful beaches的意思是 好吃的海鲜,美丽的海滩。


Wooh ,the beach is so beautiful 哇,海滩是如此的美丽 例句 1、I stood and gazed at him, awestruck that anyone could be so beautiful. 我站在那里凝望着他,惊叹竟有这么美的人。 2、The Bird Nest is so beautiful that many foreigners ...



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