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You CAn hElp thE littlE Boy ( )MAths.A.to



A It's quite bright ___of_____ the little boy ___to work out_____ that maths problem 1)for sb. 常用于表示事物的特征特点,表示客观形式的形容词,如easy, hard, difficult, interesting, impossible等: It's very hard for him to stud...

draw one's attention to sth.,把注意力放在某物上,引起某人的注意 ; 注意到 即是: The boy's maths teacher drew his attention to his study.那个男孩的数学老师把他的注意力放在他的讲课上。

Can you help me do the Maths problem? Help me do the Maths problem! Would you like to have a walk with me? Have a walk with me!

C 试题分析:句意:你的数学作业需要帮助吗?这里是短语need to do sth需要做某事;help with sth在那个方面帮助。故选C。

A. kinds of B. a kind of C. kind of D. a kind 6. Th ere’re three _____ in the office. A. polices B. policeman C. policemen ...

Helping other is a meaningful action and beneficial to all. Help the other just like lifting a finger. You can help the other in addition to have a good reputation. The Bible said “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” I...

A 不是问原因,是问方式


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