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WhAt Do you gEt on your BirthDAy? 怎么回答

what do you want to get on your birthday 你的生日你想要什么礼物 说你要的礼物就行了

get on your knee 在你的膝盖 双语对照 词典结果: 网络释义 1. 跪下来吧 例句: 1. You get down on your bum knee and beg for your job back? 你用你的断膝下跪去哀求他们从新录用你?

get on your skateboard 既然说的是读,那就用中文音译吧:盖特 昂 腰 斯凯特宝德 skateboard 英 [ˈskeɪtbɔ:d] 美 [ˈskeɪtbɔ:rd] n. 滑板 网络 滑板运动; 滑滑板; 滑板车

词组【get on one's feet】 读音【ɡet ɔn wʌnz fi:t】 意思【起立发言,病后身体复原】 例句:Take these tablets and you'll soon get on your feet. 吃下这些药,你很快就会康复的。 You can pay the money back after you find wor...

how do you get on with your classmates? i think it's easy to answer that question. if you meet up with your friends, you can say, "hello!" your friends must be happy, they will think that you are a polite girl or a boy!if your ...

get on your horse 上马; 执行 双语例句 1 Quickly, get on your horse and spread the word. 快,上马,拔出你的剑。 2 'I can't leave you, sir, so late on this lonely road, till I see you are fit enough to get on your horse,'I insist...

How many () did you get on your birthday How many gifts did you get on your birthday 你生日上收到了多少礼物?

B B 考查固定搭配。get on/ along with sb.“与某人相处”,相处很好get on well with sb.。故选B。

《Booty Music》 歌词 - Deep Side Booty Music - Deep Side When the beat goin like that boom boom 当我听到砰砰声 Girl I wanna put you up ...


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