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ThE wAy 后应in whiCh 还是By whiCh?

The way 后应in which 还是by which?哪句对? 两句都对,因为way有很多不同的意思,其中两个用于此问题都是对的:(1)A course that is used in going from>Go back the way by which you came. 循你来的那条路径回去吧。(2)A method of doing somet...

名词从句、定语从句 名词从句 名词从句有四类:宾语从句、主语从句、表语从句、同位语从句。例如: 宾语从句:I don’t know where he will go. 主语从句:Where he will go is unknown. 表语从句:The problem is how we can get so much money....


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