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ThE littlE Boy SomEthings______In thE pArk.

B? 第一个remaining用作形容词,作“剩下的”解;第二个remaining to be settled 是-ing形式短语作定语。?

breathe again Have you wounder how it feels when it's all over. 你是否想过一切结束时会是怎样的感觉? Wound how it feels when you just have...

No one can do the things I'm gonna wanna do...Come on and give me some moreOh yes I like ...I'm a Miami Boy..You know how we playim ...

A 定语从句,that 指代interesting things

Although it might have happened anywhere, my encounter with the green bananasta rted on a steep mountain road in the central area of Brazil. My ancient jeep was straining up through beautiful countryside when the radiator began...


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