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This is ESL Podcast episode 255. I'm your host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, coming to you from the Center for Educational Development in beautiful Los Angeles, California. 这里是ESL Podcast第255期节目。我是你们的主播, Dr. Jeff McQuill...

真品用genuine Is this product geniune? 赝品用fake 或 artificial

risoner to be admitted, and then I hea

什么事英文电话 是用英语打电话向他们咨询他们卖的产品吗?

sales promotion 例句: 很多商家在节日期间都搞一些促销活动。 Many businessmen organize some sales promotion during festivals. 补充一下,英语交流中,简单为宜,因此说 on sale就完全可以了 ^_^

重要参数: important parameter 或者 the key parameter


回答和翻译如下 : 产品特点 Product features

name of product

1,Regarding the size;Sorry to inform that the size you want is little different with ours,here send you our size&image for your confirm and kindly let me know whether it's ok for you? 2.Regarding the sample;We'd truly cherish t...


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