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This is ESL Podcast episode 255. I'm your host, Dr. Jeff McQuillan, coming to you from the Center for Educational Development in beautiful Los Angeles, California. 这里是ESL Podcast第255期节目。我是你们的主播, Dr. Jeff McQuill...

提问一个物体可以这样说:what is this?根据物体可以回答:This is..

对应的英语: How much is this? How much is that? 例如: How much is a bottle of milk? How much is a cup of beer?

is it real?


真品用genuine Is this product geniune? 赝品用fake 或 artificial

Help customers in solving questions about the product.



1,Regarding the size;Sorry to inform that the size you want is little different with ours,here send you our size&image for your confirm and kindly let me know whether it's ok for you? 2.Regarding the sample;We'd truly cherish t...


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