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弥补缺点 这个词语 用英语表达 翻译为 : make up for shortcomings

verb make up 弥补, 组成, 构成, 补, 占, 补偿 offset 抵消, 抵销, 弥补, 相抵 remedy 弥补, 治疗, 挽救, 裨补, 拨正 fetch up 弥补, 呕吐, 补上 recuperate 疗养, 养病, 调理, 将养, 弥补, 将息 noun offset 弥补, 透印版印刷 reparation 赔偿,...

弥补有多的表达方式,没有上下文难以回答,我举一些例子,根据语境你判断一下吧! 弥补不足 eke out; 弥补亏损 come to deficit deficit coverage ; 弥补缺陷 supply a gap; 弥补损失 recuperate; 弥补过失 smooth over a fault ; 赔偿,弥...

弥补以前年度亏损 英语是:make up the annual losses of previous years。 详细解释: make up 英[meik ʌp] 美[mek ʌp] [词典] 组成; 化妆; 补足; 编造; [例句]North Africans make up the largest and poorest immigrant group in t...

我希望能够弥补我的过失 I hope to be able to make up for my fault 让你度过一次愉快的约会 So you spend a happy date

为了弥补他的过失…… To make up for his mistake 他为了补偿这一家人的损失…… In order to compensate the losses of this family, he...

我会积极弥补知识的不足。 I will make up for the lack of knowledge.

Maybe next time

弥补 Make up 补足 Complement

为了弥补我第一次的错误 To make up for my first mistake


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